Visual ExplainΒΆ

MySQL Workbench includes Visual Explain, which can help make more complicated execution plans more human readable. Internally this feature is powered by EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON, so it is important to note that Visual Explain will not have any features over a regular EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON. In fact, for simplicity it omits some of the output, such as the use of covering indexes.

Visual Explain color codes the access methods:

  • ref is green
  • range is orange
  • ALL (table scan) and INDEX (index scan) are red

As we’ve seen in the examples so far, this is perhaps a small simplification since highly selective ranges are more desirable than low selectivity ref accesses.

_images/explain-c.png _images/explain-cp.png _images/explain-cpn.png _images/explain-force-p.png _images/explain-fts.png